Short Term Stay in Hungary (not exceeding the 90 days period)

C-type Schengen visa

Pakistani nationals, as well as third country nationals legally residing in Pakistan, and other nationals, in case their country of origin have no visa waiver agreement with Hungary, have right to apply for a visa to Hungary at our Embassy. 

We kindly inform all visitors that on the basic of bilateral agreements, the Hungarian Consular and Visa Section in Islamabad issues short term C-type Schengen visa representing Lithuania and Estonia, for citizens residing in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan holding an ordinary (non-diplomatic, non-service) passport may also apply for visa at the Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad.

A visa is only a preliminary permission for entering the country, which does not authorize its bearer automatically to enter the country. The traveler may be requested to provide a proof of the existence of the conditions of his/her entry and stay in Hungary and, if he/she is not able to fulfil this, he may be returned from the border.

Schengen States issue uniform visa for short stay visit not exceeding 90 days in any 180-days period. The Schengen visa may be issued for:

  1. single entry (as a rule for the 1st time visitors of the Schengen area)
  2. two entries
  3. multiple entry visa in case the applicant proves the need or justifies the intention to travel frequently to Hungary (or Lithuania/Estonia) as well as proves his/her integrity and reliability, in particular the lawful use of previous Schengen visas, etc. (as per Visa Code, Article 24).

If your travel destination is only Hungary - or in case Lithuania/Estonia -, the Hungarian Embassy in Islamabad is the competent authority to process your application. If your travel destination includes more than one Schengen Member State, your application must be proceeded by the Embassy/Consulate of your main destination. For detailed competency regulations please check the Article 5 and 6 of Visa Code. 

REGULATION (EC) No 810/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas  (Visa Code)

The following criteria may help you to decide whether you should submit your visa application at the Hungarian Embassy or not:

  • Hungary (or Lithuania/Estonia) is the sole destination of your visit(s);
  • If the visit includes more than one destination, Hungary (or Lithuania or Estonia) whose territory constitutes the main destination of the visit(s) in terms of the length or purpose of stay;
  • If you cannot determine which is your main destination – same staying duration in each country - , but Hungary or Lithuania or Estonia is the first Schengen State you wish to enter.


The Visa application is admissible only if­:

  1. the application is lodged within the period of six months from the intended visit.

For appointment reservation please send an email to

b) the applicant  presents a wholly and legibly completed, signed application form

The application form could be downloaded:

c) the applicant shall present a valid travel document satisfying the following criteria:

- it shall contain at least two blank pages

- it shall have been issued within the previous 10 years

- its validity shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the member States or, in the case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States;

d)  the applicant shall present passport-size colour photo (not older than 6 months);

e) biometric data have been collected (if applicable)

f) visa fee has been collected.

Schengen visa application form:

For the list of required documents by purpose please click:

COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of 24.10.2018 establishing the list of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants for short stay visas in Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan and South Korea

List of insurance companies downloaded       

Consul may request for the presentation of further documents or certificates in addition to the ones already attached to the application. According to law decision upon the visa, application must not exceed 15 calendar days. In individual case, the period may extend up to the maximum of 45 calendar days.


The consul using the established refusal form notifies the reason for refusal. Notification on the reason for refusal can be obtained at the consulate only by the applicant in person.

In case of refusal, the consulate will not reimburse the visa fee.

Appeal procedure

  • Every applicant has the right to appeal.
  • Appeal has to be made personally either by the applicant or by the person who has a power of attorney from the applicant at the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy of Hungary.  
  • The application must be submitted within the eight (8) calendar days from the date of receiving the refusal decision.
  • The appeal should be lodged in writing and it should be signed by the applicant or by the person who has a power of attorney.
  • Appeal fee in PKR must be paid only with a special deposit slip provided by the Visa Officer. Your appeal is accepted only if once you paid the fee. You will get the exact information about the payment if you appear at the embassy. Please acknowledge that the payment should be done within the mentioned time period (8 calendar days), otherwise your appeal won’t be accepted.
  • The fee for the appeal procedure cannot be reimbursed, not even in case of a positive decision.
  • The processing appeal time in ‘C’ (Schengen) visa case is 15 calendar days.
  • Previous refusal has no legal impact on your future visa applications!