Applying for Certificate of Good Conduct

(police clearance certificate - PCC)

Based on data registered in Criminal Records, the Criminal Records Authority issues the Official Certificate of Good Conduct (Police Clearance Certificate) for applicants upon request to establish or maintain a legal relationship as well as to certify conditions defined by the law. The Official Certificate of Good Conduct is issued exclusively on the basis of data registered in the Criminal Records Register, the certificate excludes data related to the Offence Register.

The application for the certificate can be submitted at the Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad.

An Official Certificate of Good Conduct can be requested by filling the appropriate form. Original passport is required at the time of application for this kind of service.


Datasheet Official Certificate of Good Conduct DOWNLOAD

The consular services fee of this service consists: Consular fee, certified translation to foreign language, Certificate copy.

For information about the fees please visit: “Consular fees”.