Szabó István nagykövet

Dear Visitor!

Welcome on the homepage of the Hungarian Embassy to Islamabad! Thank you for choosing our webpage to widen your knowledge on Pakistani-Hungarian relationship. As the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 26 November 1965, we have over 50 years of common history to represent. Although our political relations are free of problems, political and economic ties between us are based on peaceful and harmonic grounds, we have a lot to do in strengthening the relations. There is a great potential to improve our economic and business cooperation. Me and my colleagues at the Embassy are fully committed to achieving this goal.

I presented my credentials as Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to President Asif Ali Zardari on September 1, 2012. Since then I have had the opportunity to experience the unique character and atmosphere of Pakistan, which is existing in a complex national and international context. I hope the beauties and values of this country will be available for everyone in the very near future. On the other hand, for those who would like to visit our country, Hungary, I recommend to examine the consular information on the visa application procedure. 

Enjoy browsing.


H.E. Mr. István SZABÓ